FREE, AppMakr for Windows Phone 7! Place Ad Control SDK using AppMakr and get FREE access to the MarketPlace!

Finally, the chaos of the extreme computer scientists have been tamed, someone figured out that there are a bunch of people who just don’t care about the minute detail of software development and want to build stuff!  So you don’t have to mine the iron ore, melt it, make into a hammer head, get some wood and make the handle, now you can just bang some nails!

Get free access to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace if you use an AdControl added via AppMakr (of course students get free access through Dreamspark.ORG).

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Building Windows Phone 7 Apps just got easier!

...announcing the launch of AppMakr



Imagine developing an app in less than 30 minutes, with no coding required and no cost to you!

Creating a Windows Phone App has never been easier! Microsoft is excited to announce the partnership with AppMakr. We give you the tools and resources and you give your customers a great Windows Phone 7 App.

Get Started!

1) Learn More! Watch the Demo

2) Build your own app!

- Sign up for AppMakr & Build your App

- Taking advantage of the limited offer for free Marketplace registration ($99 Value)

Quick Facts

What is AppMakr?

AppMakr is a browser-based platform, that makes developing Windows Phone 7 Apps quick and easy. No coding required. Anyone with existing content can use it and build Windows Phone 7 apps for free― bloggers/writers, business owners, website owners, musicians, sports figures and more….

Why Use AppMakr?

  • Push-Notifications for Direct Alert Messaging to Your Users
  • Social Network Sharing and Mobile Ad Network Integration for Monetizing Content.

    Microsoft Limited Free Offer!
    Microsoft is offering free Marketplace registration ($99 Value) to developers who install the Ad Control SDK into their Windows Phone 7 Apps via AppMakr. First 500 to qualify will receive! Take advantage of this special incentive today by contacting

AppMakr Highlights

ü No Coding Required

ü No Cost to You

ü Build an App on Windows Phone 7 in
under 30 minutes

ü Customizable

ü Create an App using RSS Feed based
platforms, including thousands of brands
large and small have created apps using AppMakr:


· Accenture

· Harvard Business Review

· US Congress

· PGA Tour …and many more



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