WebMatrix: OData Helper

Another neat helper for WebMatrix: OData Helper.  Go quickly to this site:


And get this helper installed quickly, it is extremely useful.  Then go to James Senior site, he does a good job of explaining the OData Helper!

There is an excellent video in the blog, so I won’t redo it.

For the Open Data Protocol:

I don’t know if I would use a JET DB, the JET DB is the technology used in the older Access databases.  However, OData is used by NASA and other government agencies.  So if you want to get your taxpaying dollars out of the satellites, you need to start using this technology on your website. 

For instance, every time the Shuttle launches, it costs on average about 10 dollars per person in the US.  That means that the recently retired Discovery cost you or your parents about $380 each, since it launched 38 times. So what are doing to recover that cost?  Well you could use data from satellites on your web site.

Also, keep in mind: A gallon (4 liters) of water taken to the Space Station costs around $10,000, and you thought that bottle of Fiji Water was expensive.

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