Artificial Intelligence will eat your brain, you could live forever

Will AI eat your brain?  This question recently came up in a conversation.  Is there a possibility that AI will someday be able to map your brain so that you could have a simulated longer lifespan?  Thinking about Elizabeth Taylor, she will live on, at least on Turner Classic Movies (TCM), where I am sure that her movies will be shown repeatedly.  And frankly, I don’t get Butterworth 8 or whatever it is, I thought there would be more about pancakes in the movie.

If this is possible, the question will then become what is a soul.  However, since I usually write about software, I don’t really care about soul, and if you ever heard me sing you would know that I “got no soul”.  Ok, I do care about the “immortal” soul, but if you want to talk about that, give me a call on Sunday.  The rest of the week I will try to live morally, but usually don’t discuss the situation.

How much memory would be required for an AI system to be able to hold your brain?  There are about 100 billion neural pathways in your brain.  Since the neural pathways are sort of a chemical/electrical analog kind of system, the pathways don’t map directly to the digital analysis.  Plus you will need sensors and that will add more pathways to support the digital to analog conversion.  A simple artificial neural network lacks the necessary complexity, but a 1,000 simple artificial neural networks might.

What would life be like? 

  • Likely you would be doing a lot of “diggs” and “reddit” for others, maybe for a little pay.
  • You could become a surgeon using the DaVinci Robot. 
  • Act as a back up pilot or be a UPV pilot. 
  • Video games would become a real world. 
  • You could look but not touch, so to speak for those other things, if you get my meaning. 
  • Over time you could improve your environment. 
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about real zombies, no blood
  • You might have to worry about digital zombies because there will be people looking for more memory resources, hence digital zombies
  • Boring, life could be boring if you don’t dream about software


  • You would have to set-up special instruments because after your body dies, you won’t have access to that money.


  • Assumptions:
  • Memory:
  • Let’s say that each pathway has around 1,000 different ways that they are used (note: this is just a wild a.. guess), then memory required would be on the order of 100,000 billion, or 100 terabytes. 
  • If you buy that at Fry’s, then that might cost $7,900 (US). 
  • Processors:
  • Processing would likely require parallel processing, so let’s assume that we need several high reliable CPU units, $100,000
  • Sensors:
  • Plus high end sensors, and then software, say $100,000 for eyeballs and aural sensors. 
  • Food, touch and locomotion not included initially. 
  • Maintenance:
  • Maintenance would be around $250,000 per year (Guessimate) 


  • 5% annuity with $5,000,000, then you could fund your forever life, but need to use special instruments
  • These numbers are reachable with a large number of people, not everyone, but certainly enough to make this research worthwhile.


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