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Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to create a game using a game engine so you don’t have to all of that engine programming.  (Naturally if you like that kind of programming then this blog might not be interesting, others will be, so come on back!)

One of the Silverlight game engines was designed in China, and can be found at:

Just one question: Why are the splash page characters all blue-eyed blonds when Chinese women are beautiful as well?  Not a big deal.  This game appears to be ready for immediate use.

Another game: , there is a link to to a cloud based app, which doesn’t work.  But the Codeplex game does work.  Jianquiang Bao went to work for Microsoft right after he posted this originally and most likely has been too busy to update it.  The cloud app is a good idea.

The Popfly engine might be worth a look at, but it no longer works, the Codeplex site states that it is ready for Windows Phone 7, but as far as I can tell, it only runs the Crayon Cannon code.  Take a look, it’s interesting.

As usual, Microsoft Expression has some out of date support for developing Silverlight Games using Silverlight version 2.0, so it is out of date by 2 versions.  Great, well take a look: , not a game engine, just thought I would mention it.  In the article though it mentions SpriteHand and there are some interesting ideas on the SpriteHand site:, especially the Ragdoll for Windows Phone 7, check it out.  But the Boss thing, I found it boring after a few tries.  Joel Neubeck is a good read, if not updating for now.

Another blog that describes how to write an onine Basketball Shooting Game can be found at:

That’s all I could find that were worth even a look, 2 Silverlight game engines.

As to other sites that are not Silverlight, like Unity, but I have to take the dog out for her final walk of the night.  CYA

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