Bing Map GeoCoding

If you want to get started with Bing Map GeoCoding, there is no better way than the instructions you can find at the URL:

If you want to give WebMatrix a shot, you can simply copy and paste the application code at the bottom of the page, except for one thing, you have to add the pushpin images.  There are three pushpin images in the center of the page that you can cut and paste into paint, or other application.  Or you can simply make your own.  Once you do, then you will need to import the GIFs into Web Matrix, using the “Add Existing File…” as shown below.  If you don’t do that, then you will get the small red X on the page.



Once you get the page working (I used Default.cshtml as my file name), you will get the following output:



Once you select one of the addresses, you will see:


Pretty cool.  I have zipped up the Web Matrix file and included it below.

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