Free eBook! Windows Phone Game Programming For Beginners

Rob Miles announced a free eBook for Windows Phone Game Programmers, which can be used in the classroom as well as for those who want a low cost hobby that can make some money!

Get over to Rob Miles blog about his free book before he wises up and puts this excellent book up for sale on Amazon!

Read through the short blog, and the link to the book is at the bottom of the entry!

You could use this for an entry to the Imagine Cup ( and make some money while saving the world.

Unfortunately you can’t use this book to program Kinect apps.  But it will work for XNA on the XBox 360 Console!

I am using this in my class at CSUDH and will post about it on this blog!

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  1. Morgan says:

    Another new book covering the basics: Programming From Scratch by Gary Crandall available here

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