Win Phone Apps: Role-Playing Game for Phone!

The popular role playing game has been added to the phone application samples on the AppHub.  You can find it at:

If you search for with Bing, make sure to use Role-Playing Game AppHub, then it comes right up as a result.  This is a major event, using the instructions included with the zip file you can get up to speed quickly creating a game that you can sell in the Windows Marketplace.  It could be the next Angry Birds!  (Speaking of Angry Birds, I have a flock of hummingbirds that are currently drinking 2 QUARTS/Liters of sugar water a DAY!)

You will need to download the FREE Visual Studio Windows Phone Express to get started, but the price is right.  If it isn’t your computer your are working, for instances it belongs to one of your parents, then make sure to talk to them about what you are doing.  After all they might want to work with you! 

There are two excellent tutorials that help you understand how the game is made up and how to make modifications.  After all there are over 1200 objects and files included with this game.  Images and sounds that can be reused in other games, a title engine that if you can figure out how it works can save you lots of time in building a project.

When you start the project, the initial build takes a few minutes, be patient.  It is worth the wait.  Once the build is completed, you have a Windows Phone Application running in the emulator.  You will need to factor in the time it takes to start the phone emulator for the first time as well.  This is a big application, and frankly needs a little work to make acceptable on the Windows Marketplace.

Unlike the XBox version, you don’t have the XBox controllers to manipulate the avatar.

If you use the mouse the action selection or HUD is as responsive for the emulator.  Improving the action selector would be the first place I would start if you are looking to improve the game play.

You should consider this as your first change to the RPG:


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  1. KennySpade says:

    I've used the graphics from this application in some of my games, because they have idle and walking in all eight directions.

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