A glossary of gestures for the Windows Phone user

If you are new to the windows phone, or are writing a specification for a product, you may want to have a concise definition of what a gesture is.  In this case you can find the glossary at: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/howto/wp7/start/gestures-flick-pan-and-stretch.aspx Happy New Year!

Windows Phone Keyboard: Speed demon or just a demon?

Is the Windows Phone Keyboard just another piece of crud from the “soft” keyboard crowd?  Or is it something that has a lot of thought behind it?  I am going for the lot of thought behind it. As a person who views the lame keyboard system on the iPad as a way to slow down…


NuGet does work on Visual Studio Express

Hey NuGet does work on VS Express!  Wow, this is awesome! To get NuGet go to: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/27077b70-9dad-4c64-adcf-c7cf6bc9970c Makes getting opensource packages a bunch easier. Keep Coding to get better! Submit apps to the AppMarketPlace!

Free Game Design Tools, just in time for Christmas Part 5/5

In previous blogs I gave strong hints (to differentiate them from well written instructions) on how to modify the Platformer game so that it has a Christmas theme.  To really make the case for a Windows Phone and joining up with AppHub to submit games and maybe make a little money! Free Game Design Tools,…

Free Game Design tools, just in time for Christmas 4/5: Sprites & Backgrounds

To make the Platformer app look like a Christmas app, you will need to modify the sprites used, as well as background images.  To see all of this post you will need to scroll down as there is more to the post than what I can include in a single screen. And ok, this is…

Free Game Design Tools, just in time for Christmas, part 3/5

Following, rather late, on my blog posts from Nov. 2011: Free Game Design Tools, just in time for Christmas, part 1/5 Free Design Tools just in time for Christmas, 2/5: Installing the tools I have been working with a large number of students at Rio Hondo Community College, Golden West College, USC, CSUDH, UCI and…

ASU Links for Windows Phone Dev!

Great work DISC!  Enjoy the phones, and go Sun Devils! http://bit.ly/asuexpressiontoolbox http://bit.ly/asuschoolappsample http://bit.ly/asupanorama http://bit.ly/asucombocontrol Sized images, get rid of the background…

Expression Blend 4 for the holidays

Wow, if you got no money and you are looking for something to do that might make you money, then consider using Expression Blend to build phone apps.  Quick easy and requires no case on your part if you are a student or have a .edu email account! I am recently impressed by the ability…


Expression Blend 4 or Visual Studio Express?

Both. In fact you can develop in one and then switch to the other: In Expression, right click on the PROJECT, not the solution (as many books state) and then select Edit in Visual Studio! In Visual Studio, you do the same except the presentation is slightly different: There you go.