Secret Communications X025P: Popfly code on Windows Phone 7?

Wow, Popfly code on Windows Phone 7?  Take a look?  If you want, but it’s the same Crayon Cannon code posted on Codeplex, with a new title.  If you want to take a look:

Like many dead projects in SourceForge or Codeplex, it is interesting, and if you wanted to work on it, it would be a good idea.  Could it be used for an Imagine Cup contest?  Yes definitely, but NOT in the US Nationals for game, but it you figured out a way to use it for Software Design, then that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

For the US Nationals could only use it for the ImagineCup.Com, not

Have fun.  I love the concept of the engine, but like a lot of people, I have to prioritize my hobby time as well as work time.

End of Secret Communications


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