Secret Communications X005Y: SharePoint versions

Big Thanks to Scott Case at Microsoft, he pointed out there are different version of SharePoint:

  • Foundation, think Visual Studio Express (as in free, so companies like Apps4Rent can light up a hosted version and not charge for the license)
  • Standard, think Visual Studio Professional (low cost, but a company like Apps4Rent would have to rent you a virtual server)
  • Enterprise, think Visual Studio Ultimate (pricey and provides BIG time productivity, and Apps4Rent again would have to charge more for the license and also rent you the virtual server)
  • For more information (link verified on Oct. 29, 2010):

Either you are using the Super Secret Student Server or you have purchased a subscription from Apps4Rent or similar, both of which utilize the Foundation form of SharePoint (SharePoint Foundation).  This means that the templates that available are basic, however, using templates produced by the higher level products won’t work. 

However, as you prototype products, the customer may not have the SharePoint Enterprise for instance and you want to demonstrate what the prototype would look like, then the use of the SharePoint Foundation can give them an idea of how their money will be spent.  You as a consultant would act as a “trusted advisor” to represent the customer when they purchase the SharePoint product.  Or you may work as a consultant for a company that sells SharePoint, then you and the company would make money off the sell of SharePoint (commissions for instance) and then you could bill as a consultant through the company you are working for.

End of Secret Communications X005Y


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