Imagine Cup 2010: Cool Projects, how do you get started on Imagine Cup 2011

Wow, the Imagine Cup 2010 finalists built impressive projects, I liked the games best, but the Software Design took on the big problems. 

Opening event 2

Imagine a project that can:

  • Transmit digital information to the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) computers in areas that lack internet access capabilities! 
  • Use the thoughts from a “brainlocked” medical patient that uses an efficient interface for the brainlocked patient!
  • Allow people with poor vision to take person notes in classes using off the shelf components, some that use OneNote Functionality

Now Imagine how you can get started with Imagine Cup:

Here are the steps:

  • This is available from MSDNAA at your school as well
  • You can get started without this using OneNote for example
  • Start thinking about a world class project that solves one of these problems:
  1. Hunger and Poverty
  2. Gender Equality
  3. Infant Mortality
  4. Maternal Health
  5. Universal Education
  6. Environmental Sustainability
  7. Global Partnership
  8. HIV, Malaria, TB

For more information see the UN Web Site at

To get started with developing a project, you need to do design.  Early design starts with writing down what you want to do.

For instance, here are some ideas around that I might use for the Imagine Cup (feel free to use one of them):

  1. Trash that flows down to the Ocean (Environmental Sustainability)
  2. Insuring that new mothers stay healthy during their pregnancy (Maternal Health) 
  3. Infants survive to at least 5 years old (Infant Mortality)
  4. Tracking student attendance (Universal Education)
  5. Improving access to internet (Global partnership)
  6. Providing Palliative Care to terminal HIV patients (HIV, Malaria, TB)
  7. Tracking and motivating females in education (Gender Equality)
  8. Tracking food distribution during emergencies (Hunger and Poverty)

Once you write down your idea, you might want to list the things that you would do to solve these problems.

In my next post I will discuss how you convert your idea into an action list.

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