Imagine Cup 2010: Saturday Morning, Remembering the Poland Ghetto


This morning I woke up to work out in the Novotel gym and it was locked. (It’s on floor 31!)

Hey it’s a beautiful day outside, why not just go for a walk or jog?

And I did.  It was a beautiful morning, the sun was out, this is the stage for the Imagine Cup later tonight! P1010036
Imitating the statues around the Ministry of Culture Poland Day Two 033
As I passed the Ministry Of Culture, where the Imagine Cup is being held…  P1010001 
I noticed the boundary marker of the Warsaw Ghetto.

The sun seemed to dim, and I felt a sadness come over me.

For World Peace, I hope we never forget the people who died or those few who survived the Ghetto. Poland Day Two 036
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