Imagine Cup in Poland day 1

P1000295Ok, it is really day two for me in Warsaw, Poland and last night I went out to dinner with some people from Microsoft.  Warsaw is a very impressive city, and I wish I hadn’t forgotten my SD card for my cool new camera.  As we wandered about the city, we passed Copernicus’ statue, and a few of the city’s older surviving older buildings.   There isn’t much in Warsaw that survived the 1940s, but the pieces that did were beautiful in the summer evening sun.

While I worked out this morning on the 31 floor of the hotel we are staying at, Warsaw was radiate in the morning sun as well.  

As to the Imagine Cup, excitement for the Microsoft employees and contractors is high, and everyone wants to make sure that the students have a great experience at the Imagine Cup this year. 

P1000348One of my teammates, Jessica, just handed out the US Imagine Cup t-shirts, and they look good.  The nice thing is that Jessica got me a medium t-shirt, which is my size, but usually people get me a large. 

Randy and I are waiting in the hotel lobby to greet students from the US as they arrive.  While we wait, there have been a number of non-Imagine Cup US Citizens stopping by and asking questions about the event.  Most are surprised by the level of effort that Microsoft is putting forward for the Imagine Cup. 


Finally, for today, there is a lot going on for the preparation, and the events will start tomorrow, July 3, 2010.  Check in tomorrow for updates.

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