Lua and Love: A match made with Visual Studio and the CLR

I checked out the files used by the Love game tool and it appears to have been built using VS 2005, you can tell this by the file:

The file: msvcr80.dll needs the msvcp80.dll to run C programs written in VS2005.

Keep in mind that you can use VS 2005/2008/2010 ANY version to create C programs (With the free Express products you will need to use VC++ Express), you do this by simply using the letter "c" instead of "cpp" for the extension and a few other changes I have discussed elsewhere.

I think that this is really cool, create a game engine using Lua and the Microsoft C compiler and redistributable.  It would have been cooler if the developers of the LOVE game design tool had used a Visual Studio Stand isolated shell to implement their game, I bet it would have been a lot easier.

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