Lua and Love and WarCraft

image I gave a talk yesterday at CSU Dominguez Hills in Southern California, and one of the students at the talk ask me about the Love game software that uses LUA.  Wow, this is interesting if you are a language freak like me, this is an approach to learning a form of c using a game kind of interface.  Take a look at the Love at

It looks like fun, and a way to learn how to use the OpenSL as well as other tools for game development.

Naturally, I am not going to spend time on Love, but hey, not everything is about Microsoft.  If you are like me, you most likely enjoy figuring out how to use other tools and see what they do.

Now, I think this is the way to go for a game design project to go, simple web site interface (although the server seems a little slow, big deal), demonstrations and easy to install software.

A similar project at Microsoft is the Visual Studio Add-on [for World of Warcraft], which installs a version of Visual Studio that allows you to build the XML and Lua interface for making things that work inside of WOW.  The download is a little larger and the Visual Studio Add-on [for World of Warcraft] requires that you have a WOW account of some sort.  It is another tool that you can use to work with Lua.  After all, C is a very important language in the world of computers and analysis.  As the future unfolds there will be other languages that will likely usurp the place C has in all of our hearts, a student of Computer Science should be able to at least have a passing experience with one of the C based languages like C#, C or C++.

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Burke says:

    that Visual Studios add-on great! the future of gaming is in MMORPG worlds like WoW where people can directly interact with other people; it would be a great opportunity for business and programming technology to create more mass marketable products like this!

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Dylan Burke,

    It is pretty cool, and the Visual Studio Add-on is available for free from Microsoft if you want to figure out how to use it.

    Thank you for the comment.

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