Using Functions in C#

In the video that I have embedded in this blog post, I am restarting my blog and will work out the curriculum issues that I have been talking about.  Got caught up in the Imagine Cup, it all worked out really well for the team I am on, have to shout out for Cy Khormaee, Bradley Jensen and Krishna Kumar, these guys rocked the Software Design category in the US!


Anyway, back to Functions, what is a function, why are they important?  Functions allow you to write code once and then reuse it.  In the history of computers, functions have been around for most of the history of computers.  For instance the “bombs” used by the Enigma decoding system was a type of mechanical function that looked for likely pathways through the Enigma encoding/decoding machine.

Some languages treat functions and variables exactly the same, for example OCAML and F# (a new language in VS 2010) do this.

The video includes demonstrations on how to use the Functions, where to place them, and how to use functions with events.

The video is black due to a bug for some reason I haven’t figured out, but the video works if you click on the black square. 

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