VS 2010 Game Design: For RPG with Deconstruction and Destruction

What’s a game without deconstruction and destruction? 

Back in the dark ages when I attended college, there was a concept of Critical Deconstruction, and I thought to take one of the classes on it for my liberal arts General Education credit, something required in the United States so that engineering and science students don’t take all technology classes and destroy their GPAs by getting good grades in the classes they are in college to take!  I dropped the Critical Deconstruction class after the first session and took Science Fiction, which had less girls (a major requirement for classes outside of engineering back in my youth), but I had already read most of the books.  The reason I dropped the class on Critical Deconstruction was that it seemed to be mostly blah, blah, blah about words with a focus on “The Raven”.  I didn’t want to write a bunch of papers repeatedly about “The Raven”.  I had already suffered through same “educational” process with respect to “From Esme with Love and Squalor” by J.D. Salinger, I really didn’t care to spend a quarter writing endlessly about a character in “The Raven” that was similar to the “Sergeant X” in “For Esme with Love and Squalor”.  In fact I said: “Nevermore”, get it, I said: “NEVERMORE”?  That’s what the Raven says in Poe short story.  Oh I crack me up.

I decided to deconstruct the XNA RPG game.  What if we were able to use the VS 2010 to analyze the XNA RPG game?

Visual Studio 2010 doesn’t directly upgrade the XNA RPG game, but with a little effort I have moved the folders, content and so forth into VS 2010.  Since it is Friday and I got a party to attend tonight (nothing exciting), I haven’t made any effort to make it work.  However,  I did experiment with the Architecture View and the Layer View.  Wow, the tools in Visual Studio 2010 are awesome and mindblowing, this goes way beyond UML.

Unlike the story “For Esme with Love and Squalor”, it looks like there is a great deal of material to deconstruct and to explore!  I had thought to start with UML and then work through the various tools, but now it looks like we will need to do a more disciplined approach to VS 2010.

And unfortunately, I will not be able to milk this blog for 50 years or more like J.D. Salinger, who is still alive and hasn’t written anything for years.  That’s great that J.D. Salinger was able to write a few stories and then live off his effort for the rest of his life.  Maybe I should have paid more attention in my literature classes.

Bottom line, I will be working through the XNA RPG Game using VS 2010. 


Well again I have lost focus, sort of.  This will be fun.  Make sure to get that XNA RPG game loaded, it really is better than the Racing game, and I think I will make sure to stick with it.

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