Need help understanding C#, admit it, this isn’t easy

I have been working with software forever, ok, since I was 16, and I am 55 now.  So why ain’t I rich?  It’s a long and boring story, so stay focused…Oh wait a minute, I am pretty well off.  Software is the way to make money.  But you got to be willing to LEARN on your own and with your friends, schools can’t keep image up.  If my discussion about DLLs was confusing, then take a look at this web site (I won’t tell): C# for Sharp Kids.  If you don’t understand how to use C#, you won’t be able to understand my discussions about XNA and programming mobile devices.

This is hosted completely on MSDN, and it is very well done online learning.  As you know from my writings on this blog, I bring up LINCOS from time to time, one of the early software languages that was designed as a language that could be used to communicate with aliens, space aliens that is.  This is the language that SCHEME is based on.

C# is based on another approach to software, one of the designers is Erik Meijer who is a really funny person, who is fun to hang around with.  He helped create the C# language.

The XNA Game Studio requires that you use C# to be able to use the XNA templates and to for your code to be loaded on the XBox 360.

As to classes and DLLs, please take a look at the C# for Sharp Kids link, I will start going over the DLLs at a high level, but want to make sure that you are up to speed with what a class is.  I will review what abstract classes, base classes and how to use them.

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  1. Hi 🙂 This is both funny and educational…Don’t be shy. As Sam points out below many of us learned

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