AI: Autonomous Avatars

I’ll admit it, WOW is fun, but I wear out after about 45 minutes, what a putz right?  WOW makes me think about the idea of autonomous avatars.  (And yes I know that I should start this thread with State machines, but let’s start with the avatars).

These autonomous avatars motion could be broken down into three layers (and yes it is likely I read this somewhere):

image Action Selection: How does the autonomous avatar deal with interactions with other autonomous avatars, players and objects



image Steering: How does your autonomous avatar achieve it’s goals.  You get to be the manager here, although Martin, who is my manager likely doesn’t feel he has much control over me.

image Locomotion: Different than steering, how does your autonomous avatar get from point A to point B.  Let’s face it if your avatar goes in a straight line, every time that isn’t very interesting.

Well got to go to a presentation, will continue this thread for awhile, you all come back!

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  1. Kayla Torres says:

    Its called det stoked with stokes

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