Game Idea: Galileo’s Conspiracy

image Galileo’s Conspiracy, the game story:

Galileo is a scientist who is always looking for money to further his research and to give him time to think without doing the physical work that is required in the late 1500s and 1600s that he lived in.  The game would take the players through the intrigue of the time of Galileo, and the historical facts that Galileo often was loose with exactly who created the telescope.  In the game the players would use their ability to convince others that they should give them money to continue their research.  This would help high school students to get a feel for what it take to move beyond the undergraduate to the graduate, especially technological PhDs.

It would be a role playing game, with characters to initially choose from being a Prince, Galileo, and so forth.  Female roles will be one of the challenges since the timeframe that Galileo lived in, really didn’t have many strong female roles.

The movie: Angels & Demons has given me some ideas for the Galileo Conspiracy game, although I don’t think Dan Brown could really handle the actual physics and astronomy that Galileo had to teach other people how to interpret what he was saying.


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  1. Let put this out there: Where are the examples of F# doing Engineering work, there are examples of F#

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