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image EA gives SimCity to the OLPC program…back in 11/2007

Scavenger hunts: <<Link

  • Design a game that allows a group of people to search for something using Live Maps, with XNA, IM and use the photo tools to mark the site on Live Maps.  This could be combined with a real physical scavenger hunt using cars, bicycles or walking.  Likely would need at one person on the team to have a internet capable phone, but the photos could be processed later at someone’s house that is connected to the internet.

Reason that this is a good idea?

  • I was unable to locate any Online Scavenger Hunts, other than one oriented around Garfield or Education.

  • This is a fun way to connect via online and to do real life actions!

Corporate games:  <<Link

  • Corporations need team building, which are usually expensive and require travel to different places.  With cost cut-backs, you could design games that would use XBox and that you would travel to the corporate site to implement the game and teambuilding.  You could release your game using the XNA Community Games, and then sell consulting to go with it.

Reason that this is a good idea?

  • Unable to locate any reasonable approach that ties physical and cyberspace

  • Easily to reproduce, once you have the game idea, could use the Scavenger Hunt as a component

City/Government simulations: <<Link

Like the SimCity of old, if you are a student who is doing government studies, hook up with a someone else who is studying CS and work together to create a simulator for the governments to use. 

Reason that this is a good idea?

I examined a number of the sites, etc. and they are non-functional.  With the large amounts of money being given out by the current (2009) US Government, how do we determine the impact of these funds?  Is there anyway to create interesting models in time to allow people to plan for the outcome.  This type of game might not require extensive graphics or sound, and could work with Office and Office Live.

EA has donated SimCity to the One Laptop Per Child, or did in Nov. 2007, which is interesting, a big idea like this got a total of 7 comments before the comments died out.  City Sims are a great learning tool, but not so much for children, I think that before you can take a governmental post you have to be able to prove that you can create functional cities.


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