Building a Breakout game and Steve Jobs

image Taking a slight diversion, the rumors about Steve Job's health do not seem to be confirmed, and let's hope this innovator is healthy.  I hope that he is just sick of MacWorld and is hanging around with his wife and four children, working on the next new thing to give Microsoft a run for the money.  See the article on Gizmodo.

I really like Microsoft and haven't used an Apple Product since a Lisa blew up on me in 1984 or so, but I do admire Steve Job's efforts and success.  I never got into Apple, as I started as an Embedded system designer, did simulations on a CRAY computer and then Lotus Notes followed by my current job at Microsoft, Apple products have never been a big deal to me.  However, the article reporting the cancellation of Macworld had an advertisement for the Zune from Microsoft.  I hope this isn't a sign of something...

To see how Steve Jobs got started, he was one of the creators of the arcade game "Breakout", wow!  The story is related on the

Have a great day, and Happy New Year!

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