So you got an XBox for Christmas and you want to build games for it!

Or maybe you were looking at this blog thinking: "Why didn't Sam finish up on how to build games for the XBox?"  Good question, one I would rather ignore, however, let me explain.  My job at Microsoft is to work with students and professors at colleges in SoCal or Southern California to help them understand our technology.  It is a great job and i have great managers.  Part of my job is to help students get involved with the Imagine Cup contest, and I got very busy with the contest, time flew, and now I need to get caught up on my blog.  I hope that if you are a student at a university in California you will feel free to leave a comment for me to send you more information. 


I hope you had a nice Christmas, Festivas, winter holidays or just a nice time off.  How to get started building games for the XBox, which is what I started to do with the earlier posts.

How do you get started, all of those semi-colons, where do you put the code, etc.  Lot's of study and practice, sorry there is no other way.  Ok, there is an easy approach, you can read this blog.

To start, you will want to avoid reading the entry on designing games which is really depressing.  That link does point out that you need to have a strong design document, great, you just want to build a game and have fun.  Good, now think about it, what will your game do?  How will it respond to the user input?  You need to write out your idea.  Don't worry, it is unlikely that anyone will steal your idea.  Why?  They have their own ideas and the web as well as web games are so cheap to get great tools, everyone who has the motivation will do it themselves.

In this blog I have shown how to create a simple pong game, along with the code, etc. 


Back in August I had put up a syllabus up on this blog and I got off subject, work and all of that, but now I am going to dig into this blogging stuff (especially since I decided to not teach Video Game Design at Cal State Fullerton, this will give me more time to work on the online material), so I will fill in the gaps and add a few more items like a discussion about artificial intelligence.  If you have not added Visual Studio C# Express 2008 and XNA Game Studio (if you have versions of Visual Studio 2008 professional or VSTS you don't need VS C# Express 2008, but should put it on your machine and get the free C# book that comes with registration).






What tools and why. 

Creating a web presence.

Create a game in popfly game creator


Using XNA

Use Code Snippets to build pong

Use the instructions on this blog to build Pong

Add a barrier between paddles


2-D Geometry

Use the Farseer Physics engine samples on Codeplex release 2: Click here 


2-D Geometry

Creating an XNA Game:

Creating a Zune game


2-D Geometry

Role Playing Game


3-D Geometry

Generated Geometry

Skinned Model




3-D Geometry


Simple Animation


3-D Geometry

Normal Mapping

Chase Camera


Input devices, in depth

Input Report: Dance Pad versus Controller


Content Pipeline

Custom Model Importer

Authoring Particle Systems Using XML and the Content Pipeline



Investigation into the use of Silverlight with XNA


Artificial Intelligence

Fuzzy logic, making decisions

Chase and evade



Revisit FarSeer

Determine cursor and object



How to store game state



Setting your game up for deployment


Test your game

Use built in tools to test your game

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