Creating a web presence, part 2

Creating Videos are an important in improving your web presence.  Google YouTube is a popular way to go, but you are limited in the size and length of your video to around 10 minutes.  To get around that limitations, one of the easy ways to get more time for your video is to use the site.  You will need a Live ID to use the site, but if you are following this blog, then you likely have one, they are easy to get.


Follow along with this video to see how to utilize, sometimes called Soapbox.  It is time well spent.

Oh darn-it, I just noticed Sarah Palin is on the video, I apologize to all of the non-Sarah Palin folks out there, it was an accident, you can make it go away by watchin the video... I didn't look at the video carefully before processing it.

If you work through the tutorial, you can see why I didn't remove Sarah Palin from the video.  If you haven't give it a try, you will see that to remove Sarah Palin from the video would take quite a few minutes.

If you get through all of that and need a quick tutorial, here are two ways to insert the video:

First way, and the most common: Use a code to show your video in your blog:


Second: Use the insert video tool in Live Writer, very easy!

  • Using Live Writer and Soapbox, by default, work together, in Live Writer you can add your video by

Step 1: Select “Insert Video” link


Step 2: Select the "Insert from Soapbox" tab


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