Building an XNA Game that will run on XBox, part 4 of gazillion

Well, let's take a look at our next component, we got the Blue Screen Game (that is: A cornflower blue screen is shown on the screen).  You might be asking yourself: "I am a java developer, this C# stuff confuses me", or you might be new to the game design and programming.  Today, I am including a bunch of links for you to use to get started in coding C#, there are videos and everything on  <<Click link<<

Let's review the game up to date:

1. Initialize, this is where you intialize your game, you could reset a simple game.  In this case you create a method and then call it from this method.

2. LoadGraphics, use this to load your graphics

3. Draw, draw your graphics in your program here, this method is fired in sequence with the Update method

4. Update, in the Update method you would do things like read the game pad or keypad.


That is it for today, make sure to visit the Imagine Cup and get signed up to play the game4change category!  (Also how many is a gazillion?  It is bigger than a google!)

Also, what is Master Chief Spartan number?  Anyone know, help me out!!!!

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  1. Jimmy Irvin says:

    This looks very exciting. I am teaching at Java Programming class to high school students in Levelland, Tx. I would like to use this along with the Java to sustain interest. Is this a good plan?

    Jim Irvin

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