ISTEP EMEA 2011 – Software Development for Embedded and Mobile Devices: Challenges and Solutions by Thomas Zipplies



Thomas Zipplies, Technical Consulting Engineer Manager, Software Development Products, Intel Corporation

Intel® Atom™ processors are expanding more and more into the mobility (tablets, Smartphones) and netbook segments, as well as the digital home and growing embedded markets. Performance, power consumption, and Intel® Architecture compatibility are the key values for the new Atom processor technology. Expectations by end-users are high when they compare performance and end-user experience to laptops and PCs. These expectations are a challenge to device manufacturers, but also to ISVs who need to deliver Atom-optimized applications. Thomas Zipplies looks at how Intel® software development products can help optimize performance, lower power consumption, and bring new hardware designs up to speed. OEMs as well as embedded software developers need specific tools that go beyond the classic desktop development tools. This presentation will provide an overview of those tools, while addressing the mobile and embedded markets, MeeGo, and other issues for the near future.

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