ISTEP EMEA 2011 – Intel® Parallel Building Blocks by James Reinders



Intel has taken bold steps to help with parallel programming. Reinders will survey them all: Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB), OpenMP, Intel® Cilk™ Plus, OpenCL, Intel® Array Building Blocks, Intel® Math Kernel Library, Intel® MPI Library, and Co-array Fortran. It can seem like a confusing array of options with many things to understand. Intel created the Intel® Parallel Building Blocks (Intel® PBB) project to bind together a subset of these in a special manner with many technical attributes like self-composability, all resulting in a superior and deployable solution for today's C and C++ developers. Will the world adopt them? Reinders says YES. Since one of his credentials is how he helped Intel TBB rise to the #1 spot for parallel software development, some would say he is worth listening to as he explains his vision of the future!

Part 1

Part 2



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