New Navigation for Visual Studio Team Services

I’m excited to share the new navigation we’re working on for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to modernize the user experience and give you more flexibility. As Lori mentioned in her blog post, our goal to create an integrated suite that also gives the flexibly to pick and choose the services that work best for you. That goal is a common customer request and at... Read More


Upgrade to MSTest V2!

MSTest V2 has crossed 1 Million downloads. Congratulations! Hats off to the community! MSTest V2 is seeing robust usage. We ourselves use it heavily. If you are still using an earlier version of the MSTest framework, we encourage you to upgrade. We have looked at the uptake of MSTest V2 from the perspective of two... Read More


The TestContainer Capability

Updating off pre-RTM bits once RTM ships ought to be routine. But if you have not already done so in the case of the .NET Core based Test projects, let me give you a reason to do so. vstest delegates discovery and execution of tests to test-framework-specific adapters. Adapters indicate the kind of test containers... Read More

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Accelerated Continuous Testing with Test Impact Analysis – Part 4

Essential to TIA’s test selection is the map of dynamic dependencies between test methods and source files of code exercised during their execution. TIA needs dependencies mapped in this form: TestMethod1 dependency1 dependency2 TestMethod2 dependency1 dependency3 TIA can generate such a dependencies-map for managed code execution. Where such dependencies reside in .cs and .vb files,... Read More


Extending MSTest V2

APIs are assets. As developers we learn them, write to them, and – if the API are extensible – we grow them. An extensible API removes barriers to introducing new abstractions closer to our own domains. Once such abstractions are in place, they in turn allow us to work with the underlying framework in a... Read More