Open Source Scanning in Visual Studio Team Services with WhiteSource Bolt

Most organizations today consume open source software in their development projects. The reuse of components enables great productivity gains. However, this practice has an unintended consequence: you can reuse security vulnerabilities or violate licenses without realizing the risk. I wrote about this in an article in MSDN Magazine on Rugged DevOps. For users of VSTS,... Read More


UML Designers have been removed; Layer Designer now supports live architectural analysis

We are removing the UML designers from Visual Studio “15” Enterprise. Removing a feature is always a hard decision, but we want to ensure that our resources are invested in features that deliver the most customer value.  Our reasons are twofold: On examining telemetry data, we found that the designers were being used by very... Read More


Code Maps improvements in Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 RTM: Code maps now have simpler menus, more intuitive icons, and independent group layout

Amongst the improvements we’ve made to Code Maps in Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 RTM are: Several of the icons that indicate the node type have been changed to be consistent with Solution Explorer, and with other tools and environments. The shortcut (context) menus have been reorganized to make them cleaner and much easier to use.... Read More

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Code Map improvements in Visual Studio 2015 CTP6

Code Maps, previously known as Directed Graph Documents, are a great way to visualize the relationships and interdependencies between the components of your applications. They make it much easier to understand the architecture of your (or, even more useful, somebody else’s) application, and where you should start when you need to update the application. Code... Read More