See the big picture with ProductPlan, and drag & drop your work items to plan your sprints with Sprint Drop Plan calendar in the June Team Services Extensions Round-up

This month I’ve got two extensions to enhance how you plan. Whether you’re sharing a product roadmap with partners, or planning a sprint for your engineering team, the Marketplace continues to have you covered. ProductPlan I am a big fan of communicating the big picture to my team and partners. It helps align everyone to... Read More


New Release Definition Editor in Team Services

Have you ever struggled to create a mental model of how the deployments to your environments would progress? We are introducing the pipeline view for your release definitions that will show how your deployments flow. Approvals, environment and deployment settings are now in-context and easily configurable. The new release definition editor is currently in early adopter... Read More


Announcing Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio 2017

With the right DevOps tools, developers can run continuous integration builds that automate testing, analysis and verification of their projects, and streamline continuous deployment to get innovative applications into user’s hands quickly. Along with the release of Visual Studio 2017 RC.3 update, we released a DevLabs extension, Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio. The current... Read More


New Feature: Delivery Plans for Visual Studio Team Services

Today, we’re announcing a brand new Visual Studio Team Services feature… Delivery Plans. What are Delivery Plans? When you’re planning and tracking work, it’s often necessary to see that work across Teams and Projects.  Visual Studio Team Services already provides customizable Kanban boards and Backlogs to help teams get their work done, but it’s often... Read More