Extending MSTest V2

APIs are assets. As developers we learn them, write to them, and – if the API are extensible – we grow them. An extensible API removes barriers to introducing new abstractions closer to our own domains. Once such abstractions are in place, they in turn allow us to work with the underlying framework in a... Read More


Visual Studio Team Services demonstrates how Microsoft Loves Java

To demonstrate our continued commitment to support Java developers and their full lifecycle DevOps needs with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS), I want to share some of our recent and exciting Java-related feature announcements. Our teams are working with large and small Java teams every day to better understand their... Read More


Visual Studio Test Platform, MSTest V2 – Transparent Development

Transparent development enables collaboration. When we open sourced the Visual Studio Test Platform and the MSTest Test Framework “MSTest V2”, we shared out links to issues, implementation and our roadmap. Here are all the links (including links to groomed backlogs and RFCs) for your convenience: Visual Studio Test Platform: Implementation: https://github.com/Microsoft/vstest Docs: https://github.com/Microsoft/vstest-docs Issues: https://github.com/Microsoft/vstest/issues... Read More

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MSTest V2 is open source

As promised, we announced the open sourcing of MSTest Test Framework “MSTest V2”. The community now has a fully supported, open source, cross-platform implementation of the MSTest V2 portfolio with which to write tests targeting .NET Framework, .NET Core and ASP.NET Core on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Here are the public repositories on GitHub where the project... Read More