New Navigation for Visual Studio Team Services

I’m excited to share the new navigation we’re working on for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) to modernize the user experience and give you more flexibility. As Lori mentioned in her blog post, our goal to create an integrated suite that also gives the flexibly to pick and choose the services that work best for you. That goal is a common customer request and at... Read More


Queries Hub Updates Generally Available

The New Queries Hub streamlines many of the existing features from the old hub and provides new capabilities to make it easier to get to the queries that are important to you. It is now generally available for VSTS customers and coming to TFS in the next major version. Expanded Directory pages The left panel... Read More


VSTS and GitHub

Today, Satya announced the exciting news – our intent to acquire GitHub! GitHub and Microsoft have been partnering on several levels for years. Specifically, the VSTS team has worked closely with GitHub on Git at a technical level and on other open source projects such as libgit2, GVFS, and Git LFS. It’s been a great... Read More


Top stories from the VSTS community – 2018.06.01

The big news that landed this week is that there’s a security vulnerability in Git that can be hidden inside a repository. Please update your Git clients — but in the meantime, hosting providers like GitHub and VSTS are actively blocking these malicious repositories for your protection. Top Stories Data Governance, DevOps, and Delivery William... Read More


One Week Left to Take State of DevOps Survey

Folks, the State of DevOps Survey closed June 8th. If you haven’t yet, please click this link:  I just reread the results from prior years in Accelerate and I was struck by the findings in Chapter 5. The differences in velocity among high, medium- and low-performers are well known and I commented on these... Read More


Remediating the May 2018 Git Security Vulnerability

The Git community has disclosed an industry-wide security vulnerability in Git that can lead to arbitrary code execution when a user operates in a malicious repository. This vulnerability has been assigned CVE 2018-11235 by Mitre, the organization that assigns unique numbers to track security vulnerabilities in software. Git 2.17.1 was released today and includes this... Read More


What’s new in VSTS Sprint 134 Update

The Sprint 134 Update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) has rolled out to all accounts. In this Update we continue to increase the breadth of services offered in Azure DevOps Projects to enable you to get started quickly. The (newly renamed) Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), a fully managed Kubernetes container orchestration service, Azure Service... Read More