Getting started with Universal Packages

At the end of last sprint we flipped the switch on a new feature for Azure Artifacts called Universal Packages. With Universal Packages teams can store artifacts that don’t neatly fit into the other kinds of package types that we support. A Universal Package is just a collection of files that you’ve uploaded to our... Read More


Using AzureAD identities in Azure DevOps organizations backed by Microsoft Accounts

Azure DevOps now supports AzureAD (AAD) users accessing organizations that are backed by Microsoft accounts (MSA). For administrators, this means that if your organization uses MSAs for corporate users, new employees can use their AAD credentials for access instead of creating a new MSA identity. Using this feature doesn’t require any special configuration.  Just like... Read More


Navigation Update for Azure DevOps

Back in June of this year, we rolled out the first iteration of our new navigation model for Azure DevOps. We’ve spent the summer improving that experience based on the feedback many of you have provided. Thank you! Our next step is to move from the new model being a preview, to becoming the navigation for... Read More