Troubleshooting the Data Warehouse

This lists the following common issues that may occur when you work with the Team Foundation Server data warehouse. Data Stops Flowing from the Operational Store to the Data Warehouse Data in a Report is Outdated and Does Not Appear to Be Updated If you cannot resolve a problem after reviewing these tips and those in... Read More

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Understanding the Data Warehouse Architecture

The Team Foundation reporting warehouse is a traditional data warehouse consisting of a relational database organized in an approximate star schema and an OLAP database built on top of the relational database. The following diagram shows the high-level architecture of the Team Foundation data warehouse and the relationships between the operational stores, the data warehouse,... Read More


Team Foundation Server SDK question

If you know about Team Foundation Server, then you might know there is an Extensibility Kit that ships as part of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK. I am Francis Langlois, the lead technical writer for the Team Foundation Server SDK, which is under development. In the Team Foundation Server SDK, we will take parts of the... Read More


Team Foundation Server in Workgroups and Active Directory Domains

Today we’re previewing three more topics on Team Foundation Server: Trusts and Forests Considerations for Team Foundation Server, Unsupported Domain Configurations, and updated information about Managing Team Foundation Server in a Workgroup. Thanks to Brian Rodemann for posting a question about this on the forums! As always, comments are welcome. -=Susan

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Trusts and Forests Considerations for Team Foundation Server

Introduction Team Foundation Server provides a foundation for cross-group collaboration across different domains or even across different forests. You can make sure that the security and stability of the server and your domain by following some important guidelines. Optimally, the Team Foundation application tier and data tiers will be in the same domain, but connecting... Read More

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Unsupported Domain Configurations

Introduction The following Active Directory domain configurations are supported domain configurations for Team Foundation Server: ·         Windows 2000 native mode ·         Windows Server 2003 domain functional level All other domain configurations are unsupported. Some specific examples of unsupported Team Foundation Server domain configurations are as follows: ·         Installation of Team Foundation Server on a server... Read More

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Cool walkthrough Info on merging and branching

I saw a really good post this morning from Vertigo Software ( I figured it would help greatly in response to James’ question regarding a walkthrough with scenarios for branching and merging. # re: Info on merging and branching What would really help is a walkthough to give something that I would use in our main development... Read More


Minimum requirements for upgrading to Team Foundation Server

Feli writes: “# re: Team Foundation Server without Active Directory – there a minimum version that is require to run this Team Foundation Server? And do we need to upgrade to an Architecture licence as we are currently using MSDN Licence?” Feli,It’s not necessary to upgrade to a Visual Studio Team Edition for Architects version.... Read More


Team Foundation Server without Active Directory

Ken recently asked the question: “Do we have documentation that I can review and send to a customer on provisioning users in a VSTF setup with no AD integration?” The answer (from our soon-to-be-released-and-therefore-preliminary-documentation):…Managing Team Foundation Server in a workgroup environment is possible but can present some challenges. Active Directory environments are recommended for most... Read More

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