MSDN Video Series: How to explore unfamiliar code in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

These videos show how you can use code visualization tools, such as dependency graphs, DGML, and Architecture Explorer, to help you understand what’s going on in unfamiliar code: What are dependency (DGML) graphs? How can I use dependency graphs to visualize code? How do I manage large dependency graphs? How can I use Architecture Explorer to browse code relationships? How do I edit and customize DGML graphs?... Read More

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Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate helps you gain more control over code dependencies

There’s two ways that you can approach this in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate: – At the physical level You can visualize your code from the top-down by generating dependency graphs at the overall assembly, namespace, or class level, and then drill down to more granular levels.  If you have a very large solution, this can be overwhelming, so you can also use Architecture... Read More


How is Visual Studio 2010 working for you?

Jason Zander wants you to tell MS directly: “It’s been just over 6 months since we launched Visual Studio 2010 in April. I hope you’ve been busy digging in and taking VS out for a spin. Your feedback was invaluable to us as we were building VS – thank you! It’s a great time for us to hear what... Read More


Architecture Tooling Guidance for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

The Visual Studio ALM Rangers have provided this practical guidance for the modeling tools in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. This guidance provides common usage scenarios, hands on labs, and lessons learned from community discussions. These scenarios include understanding and reverse-engineering an existing application or starting a new application from scratch. The intent is to present you with... Read More


Updated: Customizable Process Guidance

A couple of weeks ago, I posted customizable process guidance packages on Code Gallery. I’ve updated those to pick up a few minor changes that we published on MSDN yesterday.…(read more)


Customizable process guidance

I’ve just posted versions of process guidance for Visual Studio Scrum 1.0, MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0, and MSF for CMMI Process Improvement v5.0 on Code Gallery so that you can customize them and associate these customized versions with your team projects. These versions don’t have tables of contents. I’m interested... Read More