Deployment Groups is now generally available: sharing of targets and more…

We are excited to announce that Deployment Groups is out of preview and is now generally available. Deployment Groups is a robust out-of-the-box multi-machine deployment feature of Release Management in VSTS/TFS.  What are Deployment Groups? With Deployment Groups, you can orchestrate deployments across multiple servers and perform rolling updates, while ensuring high availability of your application... Read More


Sharing of Deployment Groups across projects

Last year we released Deployment Groups in Public Preview during the May 2017 timeframe, which enabled customers to deploy software to their IaaS machines.  One of the big pieces of feedback we received was that this only partially addressed the scenario of customers sharing their IaaS machines (deployment targets) across multiple applications. For example, this... Read More


Network virtualization using SCVMM and TFS/VSTS for your Build-Deploy-Test automation

In the previous blog post on How to perform Lab management operations in Build and Release, we explained about performing Build-Deploy-Test scenarios on your SCVMM environments using our TFS/VSTS SCVMM extension. This post focuses on self service creation of isolated virtual networks using SCVMM and VSTS/TFS Build & Release.  Network Virtualization Network Virtualization provides ability to... Read More


Release Gates: Releases with continuous monitoring built in

Continuous monitoring is an integral part of safe deployments and DevOps pipelines. Ensuring the application in a release is healthy after deployment is as critical as the success of the deployment process. Enterprises adopt various tools for automatic detection of application health in production and for keeping track of customer reported incidents. Manual approvals are frequently used... Read More


Introducing Azure DevOps Project

In today’s world, organizations need to innovate and get to market faster. This requires learning latest technologies, using them in your product and deploying at a faster pace. Adopting Azure is one such scenario. Existing on-premise apps are getting migrated to Azure and new applications are getting developed to take advantage of Azure services. But... Read More