Updates for Debugging Installed App Packages in Visual Studio 2015 Update 2

In Visual Studio 2015 Update 2, we added support to the Debug Installed App Package dialog for: Starting an installed application on Xbox, HoloLens, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices Attaching to processes already running on IoT devices Sorting the apps based on “Running” or “Not Running” state Note that attach to process is not currently supported... Read More


.NET Core Debugging in VS Code

The C# extension for Visual Studio Code offers powerful editing and debugging support for .NET Core applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux, including: Line by line code stepping Breakpoints (including conditional and function breakpoints) Variable inspection Multi-threaded debugging support Call Stacks Debug console window Getting started To get started you will need to do a... Read More


Debug UWP Prelaunch with VS2015

On Windows 10, the startup performance of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps is improved by proactively launching and then suspending apps in a technique called Prelaunch. Many applications will not need to do anything special to work in this mode, but some applications may need to adjust their behavior, for example an application that shows animations that... Read More