What’s new in VSTS Sprint 131 Update

The Sprint 131 Update of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) has rolled out to all accounts and includes several features that were prioritized and influenced by feedback over the last several months. The Work Items hub, which is now generally available, brings important work together into a new hub with several views for items you’re... Read More


TFS 2018 Update 2 RC1

We have released Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 2 RC1. Update 2 is the first “feature” update for TFS 2018 based on our updated release approach. Here are some key links: TFS 2018.2 RC1 Release Notes TFS 2018.2 RC1 Web Installer TFS 2018.2 RC1 ISO TFS 2018.2 RC1 Express Web Installer TFS 2018.2 RC1 Express... Read More


Deployment Groups is now generally available: sharing of targets and more…

We are excited to announce that Deployment Groups is out of preview and is now generally available. Deployment Groups is a robust out-of-the-box multi-machine deployment feature of Release Management in VSTS/TFS.  What are Deployment Groups? With Deployment Groups, you can orchestrate deployments across multiple servers and perform rolling updates, while ensuring high availability of your application... Read More


Announcement: Publish markdown files from your git repository to VSTS Wiki

Now you can publish markdown files from a git repository to the VSTS Wiki. Developers often write SDK documents, product documentation, or README files explaining a product in a git repository. Such pages are often updated alongside code in the code repository. Git provides a friction free experience where code and docs can live on the... Read More


GVFS for Mac

Over the last couple of years, we built GVFS to enable the Windows team to work in a Git repo that is orders of magnitude larger than any repo in existence before it. GVFS is currently only supported on Windows 10. We recently announced that we’re investigating how to build GVFS on other platforms. I’m... Read More