Work Item Type and Inclusive Design

A little over a month ago, we rolled out work item type icons to all Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) accounts and Team Foundation Server (TFS) with 2017.2. It’s been awesome to see @VSTS tweets, Developer Community feedback, and direct emails from customers that are very excited about the icons. Additionally, we’ve received a lot... Read More


Automatic linking work items to builds

The “Automatic linking of a build with associated work items” feature was released in TFS 2017 Update 2 (see the Release Notes). In a nutshell, this feature allows users to track builds that have incorporated their work without having to manually search through a large set of builds. For a richer, more first-class experience, we... Read More


The future of our TFS/SharePoint Integration

(Updated September 12, 2017) We have now published a full set of documentation that covers SharePoint integration for both TFS 2017 (and earlier versions) and TFS 2018. Also, the following solutions are no longer in private preview: Upgrade from SharePoint 2013 with TFS integration to SharePoint 2016 Disable SharePoint integration after TFS 2018 upgrade ——–... Read More


Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.08.18

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics.  IMPORTANT Git vulnerability with submodules – Edward ThomsonThe Git community has disclosed a serious security vulnerability in Git that can lead to arbitrary code execution.  TOP STORIES Over 500 extensions in the VSTS/TFS marketplace –... Read More

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The TestContainer Capability

Updating off pre-RTM bits once RTM ships ought to be routine. But if you have not already done so in the case of the .NET Core based Test projects, let me give you a reason to do so. vstest delegates discovery and execution of tests to test-framework-specific adapters. Adapters indicate the kind of test containers... Read More

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Git vulnerability with submodules

The Git community has disclosed a serious security vulnerability in Git that can lead to arbitrary code execution. This has been assigned CVE 2017-1000117. The Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) team takes security issues very seriously.  We encourage all users to update their Git clients as soon as possible to address this issue. If you’re... Read More