See the big picture with ProductPlan, and drag & drop your work items to plan your sprints with Sprint Drop Plan calendar in the June Team Services Extensions Round-up

This month I’ve got two extensions to enhance how you plan. Whether you’re sharing a product roadmap with partners, or planning a sprint for your engineering team, the Marketplace continues to have you covered. ProductPlan I am a big fan of communicating the big picture to my team and partners. It helps align everyone to... Read More


Building and Deploying a Java Application to Oracle WebLogic Server Running in Azure VM with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

If you are interested in Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) platform and Java development, maybe you know that VSTS has everything you need to organize CI/CD pipeline for your Java application development. Visual Studio ALM Blog has a lot of useful and helpful resources describing how to build and deploy your Java application and... Read More

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