Scripts to import and export process templates from TFS

Have you ever created a project, customized it, and then wondered, “how do I extract the entire process template from the project”? Need to update a bunch of projects with the most recent process template? With the process customization private preview and the announcement of the data import into VSTS, we thought it was time to create a couple handy scripts to automate some of these processes for you. Checkout our Github project and feel free to make contributions if you find areas that need improvement. Keep in mind that the import will only work on TFS on-prem as most witadmin.exe commands do not work on Visual Studio Team Services.

Extract – ExportProjectTemplate.ps1

This script will extract the process template from a project and save that process to your local machine. From there you can make your edits and use the import script to update the project with your changes.

Import – ConformProject.ps1

This script will update a project with a specified process template. It comes in really handy if you are trying to update a project to the most recent process template.

These scripts will save you some cycles as you prepare your collection for the Import Collection to VSTS as well as updating your projects for the modern process customization features.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at