ALM Rangers ship update #1 for the Team Foundation Server Word Add-in

We are pleased to announce that we have released the first update to version ( of the Team Foundation Server Word Add-in, adding support for Word 2010 64-bit. See Word4TFS10-x64misi and files in the latest The add-in allows you to import work items from a Team Foundation Server Team Project and generate professional-looking Word... Read More


Integrating existing testing systems with Microsoft Test Manager, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio

I have been working with different partners in the testing space for the last couple of months and a frequently asked question is: “Where do we start integrating our test tools with the Microsoft application life cycle platform?” And the answer is relatively straight simple “You need to integrate yourself into the development workflow…we use... Read More


Introducing SharePoint Emulators

The Visual Studio team is pleased to announce availability of Visual Studio 2012 SharePoint Emulators. Unit testing for SharePoint code is difficult. Ideally you would like to isolate code under test from the surrounding SharePoint framework. Isolation frameworks, such as Microsoft Fakes, can enable this code isolation. Unfortunately, as anyone who has followed this path... Read More


Quick Response Sample – Visual Studio Extension to support the ALM Rangers Branching and Merging guidance

Quick Response samples provide information directly from Visual Studio ALM Rangers working with the Microsoft Visual Studio Product Group and Microsoft Services, in response to feature gaps to supplement the product and knowledge base information. Issue It is not simple to implement a consistent branching model, that complies with the VS TFS Branching and Merging... Read More

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Part 2–Using Traits with different test frameworks in the Unit Test Explorer

As promised one of the ALM MVPs, Terje Sandstrom, has delivered Part 2 of his Unit Test Series: “Using Traits with different test frameworks in the Unit Test Explorer”. From the traffic and comments on his first post these are clearly very appreciated articles! Thanks Terje!   *********************************************************************************************************************************************’ In Part 1  traits in general was... Read More


Retrying failed playback actions with Coded UI

This blog assumes that you have basic understanding of Coded UI and are familiar with the code generated from a recording on Winforms, WPF or Web applications. A lot of times, while running a UI test, our test runs into an unexpected page\state, say an unexpected error dialog, dismissing which would make our test work,... Read More


New Visual Source Safe Upgrade Tool is Available!

In the last month I have seen multiple requests for a new Visual Source Safe Upgrade tool – and here it is! The Visual Source Safe Upgrade tool provides a Wizard Based UI for upgrading Visual Source Safe repositories to Team Foundation Server 2012, 2010 or Team Foundation Service ( Upgrades the follow from Visual... Read More