Coded UI Test Extension for 3rd party Windows Forms controls–How to?

Here is how one can add FULL Coded UI Test support for a 3rd party control based on Windows Forms technology. Implementation Method – Accessibility Accessibility means having equal access to web-based information and services regardless of physical or developmental abilities or impairments. Once implemented, it helps developers make their programs more compatible with accessibility... Read More


ALM Events in Redmond by Northwest Cadence

Martin Hinshelwood and Steve Borg as still as busy as ever!  Here are their next two months set of free and near events! LIVE West Region Events FREE 1-day seminars Event Title Location Date Registration Link Double Feature: Testing and ALM for Agile Development Anchorage, AK 11/8/2011 Double Feature: Testing and ALM for Agile... Read More


IBM Rational to Team Foundation Server Integration Tools – Training and Exploration Sandbox

For those that have explored the Getting Started IBM CC-CQTFS Migration 101 Basic Training mentioned in the Getting Started with IBM Rational to Team Foundation Server (TFS) Migrations post, the evaluation and training sandbox environment is nothing new. We are working together with TeamDevCentral who are hosting and managing the sandbox environment for us.  The... Read More

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Visual Studio 2010 ALM Tools Live Roadshow Double Feature: Managing Your Software Lifecycle and Agile Management using Visual Studio Team Foundation in a town near you (US)

Visual Studio 2010 ALM Tools Live Roadshow Double Feature! Come join Microsoft and ALM Partner of the year Imaginet as we present the Visual Studio 2010 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools and how they can be used in a variety of real-world scenarios. These events cover two different topic areas – stay for both to... Read More