Windows Mobile eMail Troubleshooting

If we follow Paretto’s 80/20 rule, 80% of problems are caused by 20% of problems. In my experience with WIndows Mobile the rule is more like 95/5. After helping a few people solve their email syncing problems I found three steps that will either solve most problems, or at least help identify the source of…


How is Windows Mobile doing?

I get this question a lot – and being a public company of course I cannot share any confidential information beyond what has been published. Last week Wireless Week published an interview with Pieter Knook in which you can find a few interesting datapoints: “According to our second quarter 2007 fiscal earnings..Licenses for Windows Mobile-based…


Could the Symbol MC35 be the Most Important launch at CTIA ?

So the Motorola Symbol MC35 launched at CTIA, which is an announcement most people missed beacuse of the other hundred press releases and phone launches that happened last week at the show. However, I believe this could be the most exciting announcement at the show because it could open a completely new market for smart…


IT Webcast on Microsoft’s Internal Mobility Deployment to 50,000 users – April 26th

Windows Mobile 101: How Does Microsoft support its own Windows Mobile deployment? Find out here on April 26th!   About 75% of Microsoft employees have a Windows Mobile device. I think we are also the #1 user of Mobile email worldwide now. How do we deploy, manage and use Windows Mobile inside Microsoft… well Justin…


How to use your Dash as a Modem

Using Internet Sharing With Internet Sharing, you can use your phone as an external modem for another device such as a PDA or notebook computer. Notes: • If you want to use a USB cable connection, you must first install Microsoft ActiveSync version 4.2 or later on the computer. • Before using Internet Sharing, disable…


Cnet compares Blackjack versus Blackberry 8800

And the winner is… “The RIM BlackBerry 8800 …really didn’t have a chance…the BlackJack simply overpowered the camera-less, 3G-deficient BlackBerry 8800”


Exchange 2007 Roadshow

Windows IT Pro Magazine is hosting a series of 10 events about unified communications and Exchange 2007. Independent experts will share advice on deploying, managing and securing Exchange 2007 and will share their vision on Unified Communications. We will be there talking about Windows Mobile 6 and showing some of the new features like HTML…


Sprint Special offer for Developers and IT pros – Treo 700wx $99

Someone recently left a comment on my earlier post about the special promotion Sprint is making available to Developers and IT Pros about a requirement to get a 2 year contract. Sprint confirmed that only a one year commitment is required, although the form might promote the 2 year contract as an option at the…


Palm Treo 700wx now available with Verizon

Palm and Verizon announced yesterday the availability of the 700wx which was previously only found on Sprint. The 700wx’s main advantage over the 700w is mainly additional memory for applciations: from 32 to 64Mb SDRAM. Additional advantages include: Support for USB and Bluetooth DUN Support for Bluetooth 1.2 A2DP – stereo headset Speaker and Mute…


Important Daylight Savings Time Update for Windows Mobile

This year daylight savings time  (DST) will change from previous years by a few weeks.All Windows Mobile devices (prior to Windows Mobile 6) require this update.