Silverlight and Mix

Last week Microsoft hosted the second edition of Mix, the event for the web and graphic design community. Last year I believe Microsoft launched the Expression portfolio of tools at the event. This year the big news for me is Silverlight. Microsoft announced the next version of Silverlight, which seems to getting quite some good…


WM6 Upgrades available for unlocked HTCs and Treo 750s

If you have an AT&T or Cingular branded phone I recommend you hang on a little longer for your update. But if you have an unlocked Treo 750 (not branded ATT or Cingular) or an unlocked HTC S620 “Excalibur” , X7500 (Athena) or P4350 For the Treo  For HTC phones  you will need to…


Verizon launches its first Windows Mobile 6 phone, the Moto Q 9m

It is targeted at the Music segment, but it is a really nice business phone. Here are some of the specs: – Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard Edition (a.k.a Smartphone, maning no touchscreen) – A new, wider, better QWERTY Keyboard – most people who have tried it, love it. – VCast music from Verizon. Support for up…


Get your Windows Mobile 6 Mogul at a special discount!

We worked with Sprint again to negotiate a special price on the new HTC Mogul for developers, IT professionals and partners working with Microsoft. The HTC Mogul is a fantastic device: Windows Mobile 6 with .NET CF and SQL Server CE in ROM, Voice Command, Windows Live Search, 416Mhz processor, CDMA EVDO 3G network capabilities, large…


The Windows Mobile 6 Wing is here! Special price for Microsoft developers and partners

Today T-Mobile is announcing the Wing, the first new Windows mobile 6 phone available in the US.  Of course, the upgrade for the Dash is available now, but this is a brand new phone. And a really good one. Engadget somehow got the news before T-Mobile announced it.I played with the Wing for a bit, these are…


Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for the T-Mobile Dash available NOW!

You have been waiting for this moment – the first Windows Mobile 6 phone in the US is available now . Sorry, this will only work with T-Mobile Dashes (not with unlocked HTC units). I have been using this build for the last few weeks and it works incredibly well. Some of my favorite features include:…


Windows Mobile 6 upgrades

HTC has announed it will make software upgrades available for free online at for the following models: Advantage, TyTN, S620, P4350 and P3300. There will be no costo to upgrade. The downloads should become avaulable soon (“beginning at the end of April” they say). Before you get too excited, it is important to note…


Windows Mobile 6 upgrades available for three AT&T (Cingular) models

Today at the CTIA keynote by Pieter Knook is announcing AT&T will make free upgrades available to customers who buy (or already have) a Blackjack, Palm Treo 750 or Cingular 8525. This in addition to the announcement made at 3GSM from T-Mobile on upgradeability for the Dash. Engadget got this right in their post yesterday athough I…


Interactive Windows Mobile 6 demo

A new flash demo that will walk you thorugh some of the key features in Windows Mobile 6 has just been posted for download here.  


Windows Mobile 6 Upgrades for your phone

I get this question a couple times a day – How or when will I be able to get a ROM image to upgrade my phone to WIndows Mobile 6? I’ll try to answer as clarly as I can: Carriers will provide the Upgrades- after all, they own the customer interaction int he US and…