Cnet compares Blackjack versus Blackberry 8800

And the winner is… “The RIM BlackBerry 8800 …really didn’t have a chance…the BlackJack simply overpowered the camera-less, 3G-deficient BlackBerry 8800”

Free extended battery for Cingular BalckJack users

If you got a BlackJack from Cingular I bet you are loving it and that you will be even happier to know you can get a free extende battery. You are eligible If the IMEI number (equivalent to serial number) of your BlackJack is inthe range of 352794010030189 to 352794012269959. Simply go to this online form,…

Extending the Battery Life of your BlackJack

If you are doing mostly email and only surf the web occasionally on your BlackJack, then you may want to consider this: by turning off HSDPA on your phone battery life can increase dramatically. This article from Mobility Today explains how to do it. EDGE (2.75G) provides about 115Kbps, which is fast enough for push email,…


Samsung BlackJack! QWERTY, HSDPA Windows Mobile smartphone launched with CIngular

It is finally here – the brother of the European I-320 is the Samsung I-607, which comes equipped with HSDPA 3G supporting ~800Kbps download speeds over the cellular network, a QWERTY keyboard, stereo bluetooth, XM Satellite radio and more – in a size about the same as a Motorola Q or a T-Mobile Dash.  It will…