It’s 2 a.m. do you know who is in your server room?

It’s a BES server, and it has super-Administrator privileges to your Exchange – do you know the people you are trusting with access to your server room? Do you have any control over how they access your server room? If you have Blackberries in your organization, the BES server has complete control over your company’s messaging infrastructure,…


Corporate IT wants to control its own destiny

Who would blame them? If you read about some of the latest outages for RIM’s service you could think it is not a big deal as most companies have downtime in their IT systems sometimes, that’s why nobody claims 100% uptime – 5 nines is agressive. Sure, some systems have maintained 100% uptime for years…


Virtual BlackBerry for Windows Mobile and Yesterday’s announcement

It looks like I was not the only one perplexed with RIM’s announcement of Virtual BlackBerry for Windows Mobile, I was reading this blog post from Fabrizio today, and I share his perspective on the issue: the only real use scenario for this software would be one of the many IT organizations migrating from RIM…


How is Windows Mobile doing?

I get this question a lot – and being a public company of course I cannot share any confidential information beyond what has been published. Last week Wireless Week published an interview with Pieter Knook in which you can find a few interesting datapoints: “According to our second quarter 2007 fiscal earnings..Licenses for Windows Mobile-based…


Cnet compares Blackjack versus Blackberry 8800

And the winner is… “The RIM BlackBerry 8800 …really didn’t have a chance…the BlackJack simply overpowered the camera-less, 3G-deficient BlackBerry 8800”


Congrats RIM on your new BlackBerry, now it is our turn…

Congratulations to RIM on launching a new BlackBerry – which looks a lot like the Q or the Black Jack ….wait a minute, wasn’t RIM the one suing other phone manufacturers for trademark infringement? now how is the copycat?  While I know the pearly EDGE-capable (wow! EDGE?) 8800 will do OK, just this morning the…


Cantor Fitzgerald doropping their Blackberries for Windows Mobile devices

 “It’s a much more powerful device” – said Cantor. I’ll be happy to send them a big trash can for the 1,500 text-paging-era devices they will be disposing. Read the whole Business Week story here – there are lots of stories like these, you will hear a few more soon!


Super Powerful PocketPC phone wins Editor’s Choice at PC Mag

 This was one of the most silent phone launches we have done this year – not a lot of online excitement or pre-sales interest on this phone, but it is surely a very significant one: The Cingular 8525 is a rock solid, high speed (HSDPA provides about 800Kbps cellular data communication) and fast (400Mhz) unit…