The Best Windows Mobile Blogs

You probably know that blogs are big at Microsoft. They are encouraged to get people to connect directly with customers and to understand real-world problems. There are a few great blogs in the WIndows mobile team. These are some of the best (please let me know if you know of others!).

  • Is that a Windows Mobile in Your Pocket  Vik is ourWindows Mobile's Technical Guru. He is incredible knowledgeable and definitely a top notch resource.

  • Unwired Realities  - This is a new blog from Rachel, who works with our partners in small and medium-business land.

  • Mr. Mobile Jason Langridge is quickly becoming somewhat of a legend . He gets both the business and the technical side of Windows Mobile. Based out of the UK. I have learned a lot from Jason.

  • Loke Uei’s Loke is in our developer resources team. He is awesome. If you are a developer, bookmark this blog now.

  • Rob Tiffany’s Blog  Rob is the guy who built the WM Developer Solution Accelerator, a lab where he proved the scalability of SQL Server to thousands of concurrent users, and author of a book that describes the architecture behind this highly-scalable mobile-replicated database. A key resource for anyone building enterprise apps.

  • Reed and Steve’s Blog  Steve Hegenderfer has beenw orking with ISVs for a long time and he is incredible smart just liki sie partner in crime, Reed, who is an Architect. ANother one to bookmark 

  • Jim Wilson’s Blog and Amit’s Blog  both are highly technical blogs for developers. Good resource to point your RSS readers to.

  • Constanze’s Blog Constanze is in our documentation tem and alwas has the scoop to any new resources.


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