The Best Windows Mobile Blogs

You probably know that blogs are big at Microsoft. They are encouraged to get people to connect directly with customers and to understand real-world problems. There are a few great blogs in the WIndows mobile team. These are some of the best (please let me know if you know of others!). “Is that a Windows…


Check the Microsoft Surface at the AT&T Store

 Microsoft Surface Arrives at AT&T Stores Here is a shorter amateur version from a customer   And a short ad from AT&T  Microsoft Surface experience coming to AT&T

Brazil does their Census with Windows Mobile PDAs

Over 5,000 cities and 82,000 Windows Mobile devices. The application runs on the .NET compact framework and uses SQL Server CE. The government saved time (6 months) and money and enjoyed significantly more accuracy while avoiding fraud. The Brazilian government is so happy witht he results, they expect expect to deploy 300,000 devices by 2010. You can…


Windows Mobile powered Watch

I am not sure it makes much sense, but it is cool. A few years ago the guys from Fossil had a Palm-OS based watch (B&W screen) that went nowhere. Still, it makes a point about where technology is going in terms of device size and availability everywhere.

Windows Mobile 6.1 Demo

 Video: Windows Mobile 6.1 demo video


Guitar Hero for Windows Mobile

  What do you think? More games found here

Mobile Field Service Best Practices Webinar

Motorola and Industry Week are hosting an on-demand webcast. The webinar will cover the following topipcs: New tools and technologies that help drive leaner field operations Strategies and processes being adopted to drive service excellence A perspective on the challenges and opportunities for building and sustaining profitable growth through excellence in service and parts management Improving…


Electrocardiograms on a Windows Mobile PDA

This is quite amazing. A company called DRE has produced a n ECG machine that plugs into a standard PC Notebook or to a Windows Mobile 2003/5.0 Pocket PC. This product not only makes it less expensive for hospitals to do ECGs (thay can now print on standard paper or email results as a JPG file),…


2Mbps Upload speed in a Windows Mobile Phone

Samsung has launched their first HSUPA (High Speed Upload Packet Access) phone, the SCM-M470, which runs Windows Mobile and seems to be quite a nice phone. You can learn more at  The Sony XPERIA also supports HSUPA. AT&T has been deploying HSDPA and HSUPA .To test the actual trhoughput on your phone go to…


Windows Mobile 6.1 Key Features

At CTIA Last week, Robbie Back announced Windows Mobile 6.1 I haven’t seen as much excitement as I expected. yet one of the most respected analysts told me “you should have called it Windows Mobile 6.5, it is that good”. These are the key features in my opinion: Tile-based user interface for Standard Edition. I…