Palm Responds to BlackBerry’s outage



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  1. Mike says:

    Wouldn’t want to spit into anybody’s soup but what about Exchange outages… 😉

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Mike, thanks for your comment.

    – Exchange Server has a number of high-availability features, which enable an IT department to provide high-9’s availability. In other words, there is a fundamental advantage in how the servers are architected.

    – An Exchange outage is the responsiblity of the IT department, meaning it is something they control. The IT guy decides how to architect his messaging infrastucture and how stabel he wants it ot be.

    – If your Exchange server fails, you ALSO loso Balckberry service, of course. No system is 100% fail proof. The whole point is that adding a BES server and a NOC adds TWO additional points of failure to a messaging system, and one (the NOC) is outside your IT’s control.

    Check my previous points for additional details

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